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Chamonix Youth Hostel

SUPER PROMO FROM 13/04/2009 TO 04/05/2009

SUPER CHAM'PROMO from € 92.00 €
2 nights with breakfast + 2 days ski packages "Cham'Unlimitted
SUPER CHAM'PROMO from 184.00 €
4 nights with breakfast + 4 days ski packages "Cham'Unlimitted

Takamaka >>>Détails

Extreme sports with experienced guides

100x75 - 12432

Beginners level cycling circuits >>>Détails

These circuits are of a reasonable difficulty.  It is necessary nonetheless to have already practiced mountain biking, for the terrain can sometimes prove itself to be capricious and indeed dangerous at the time of the descents.  However it is not entirely necessary to be in impeccable physical condition to confront them.  A little good will and attention will do the trick! 

100x54 - 16254

Intermediate level cycling circuits >>>Détails

These circuits are evidently of a superior difficulty to those of the beginners category.  They qualify as athletic citcuits because they take you to the summit of several mountain passes in the region.  It's better to be warned, some good hard pedalling will be necessary!

100x54 - 16254

Expert level cycling circuits >>>Détails

This category concerns advanced cyclists.  The circuits are classified athletic and it is necessary therefore to be in excellent physical condition to confront them.  It is useless to launch yourself into such an adventure if you are not equipped.  Long and difficult ascensions are part of this program.  All your efforts will be rewarded by the exceptional views which you will see when you arrive at the top... 

100x54 - 16254

Annecy's wet side >>>Détails

The many water activities in Annecy.

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